Headquartered in Los Angeles, Luxury Link inspires a passion for travel by connecting people to the world’s most extraordinary hotels, resorts & vacation experiences.

We understand the importance of time off, and ensure that it’s worth it.

Our Model

Luxury Link goes beyond the luxury properties you’d expect to give you access to boutique hotels and unique, under-the-radar hideaways at insider prices. Travelers can explore, daydream and discover their next destination property, and book exclusive accommodations at a significant value.

Rooms booked through Luxury Link come with VIP perks like resort credit or complimentary breakfast and WiFi. Or, travelers can purchase handcrafted, high-end Signature Escapes organized around a theme. Lastly, travelers can bid on getaways at properties from some hotel collections at auction.

Our Promise 

Luxury Link is an attentive, sophisticated resource for savvy travelers. We combine personalized service with the convenience of online booking for a modern travel experience. You can book directly through the website, or call a Luxury Link concierge and leverage their knowledge and expertise to help you choose the perfect getaway, whether your personal definition of luxury is an urban oasis or an opulent villa, a wine-country cottage or a Caribbean hammock.

Unlike anonymous travel sites that cater to the masses, Luxury Link fosters relationships between savvy travelers and hotels. We go beyond booking, giving guests peace of mind, and the comfort and escape from hassle that VIP travel implies.

Travel is not just about the activity you’re doing – it’s about every moment you are away. Whether it’s with a Room + VIP Perks or a hand-crafted Signature Escape, Luxury Link provides the space and the service, setting the stage for the moments between that will shine in your memories.