How YourChoice℠ Auctions Work

In a YourChoice℠ Auction, several nights at the same hotel are up for sale, so you can select the exact number of nights you want to stay during the range of available dates. For example, if you want to stay five nights at the beginning of August, you would select a quantity of 5 and enter as your bid the maximum price you’re willing to pay per night. Just make sure before you bid that the range of available dates includes the nights you want to stay.

Since there are several nights at the same hotel available, there may be more than one winning bidder. In fact, everyone wins until the total number of available nights is exhausted. Each bidder can bid for all the nights or only some of them, and publicly indicates the price that he/she is willing to pay for each night. However, all winning bidders need to pay only the lowest qualifying (successful) bid. If there are more successful bids than nights available, priority goes to the bidders who submitted the higher maximum bid price, the quantity bid for, and then by whoever submitted their bids first.

In order to beat a competing bidder, one must bid a higher price per night than that competitor, regardless of the number of nights that are being bid for. Here is an example of how this might work:

The hotel has 6 nights available.

  • Bidder “A” bids for 2 nights at $100 each.
  • Bidder “B” bids for 4 nights at $110 each.
  • Bidder “C” bids for 3 nights at $90 each.

The outcome of this auction would be:

  • Bidder “B” wins 4 nights at $100 each.
  • Bidder “A” wins 2 nights at $100 each.

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