Family Vacation Doesn’t Get Better than This

What do you want more in the world than to spend time with your loved ones? However, when we go on our family vacations, we seem more stressed than when balancing life at home. Nobody wants to repeat the mistakes of family vacations past or even the famous Griswold family with countless hiccups across the globe. Let’s cut to the chase. You want to relax in style and comfort with your family while experiencing new places and activities together. Luxury Link has researched to find the best of luxury family vacations with these three stellar destinations for you.

Hawaii 5-0 with the Family

From Hawaii’s flower leis to its breathtaking coastlines, a vacation in the Aloha State is ideal for any family. With a vast array of activities on the Big Island such as stargazing from atop Mauna Kea, snorkeling, surfing, and watching the lava flow, your family’s experience will be unforgettable. However, know that after a day full of adventure, you and your family can enjoy a sunset luau with Hawaiian delicacies such as fresh ahi tuna, slow roasted pork, and poi (taro root). With a stay at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, you have all the comforts of home with the added luxury of water sports, golf, tennis, keiki (kids) club, shopping, wine bar, and Hawaiian cultural activities. Relax and live aloha with your loved ones this year for a Hawaiian family vacation like no other.


A real Hawaiian family vacation

Have it ALL in Barcelona, Spain

Whether you have FC Barça fans in your family, art lovers, or foodies, Barcelona has something for everyone. No trip to Barcelona would be complete without exploring the works of Gaudi from the Sagrada Familia to the more family-friendly Park Güell with outstanding views of the entire city. Without a doubt, Barcelona is world-renowned for soccer, but also for Spanish tapas (small appetizers). Explore the culinary dishes of Spain and other Mediterranean cultures at the Boqueria (large market with fresh produce, meats, and restaurants), which is located off the major pedestrian thoroughfare in Barcelona called La Rambla. For the more adventurous, you can see Barcelona from a cable car starting at the port with arrival at the beautiful vista of Montjuic. Perhaps this is the place for your next family photo? With so much to see, you will need to recharge your batteries. With lavish accommodations and superb location, the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona offers serenity with spa treatments, childcare, mouth-watering cuisine, and shopping. No one wants to return home needing a vacation from his/her family vacation. So, while with your family in Barcelona, take advantage of the age-old tradition of the Spanish siesta (nap).


Exploring the works of Gaudi

Yosemite without Roughing It

Many have fallen in love with California’s splendid and magnificent Yosemite. From writers and environmentalists to photographers like Ansel Adams and even you and your family, Yosemite’s natural beauty is living art and inspiration to all. Although much of Yosemite is to be experienced on foot: hiking trails, waterfalls, or beautiful lookout points, don’t forget that when the sun sets, it is time to turn your eyes to the brilliant night sky. Take a train throughout the park to seize the moment that no iPhone or camera can capture well. Yosemite makes family vacations transform into life-long memories to repeat with grandchildren and other generations. For a luxurious stay with no need to rough it, Tenaya Lodge nestled amongst the conifers of the Sierra National Forest, offers a tranquil getaway with all the adventure activities imaginable: rock climbing, nature walks, boat rides, mountain biking, and more. A National Park visit like this is NOT like a Griswold Family Vacation.


The Yosemite’s natural beauty

Family vacations like these to Hawaii, Spain, and Yosemite are meant to relax you and bring your family closer. Do your next family vacation right!