The Who For tags tell you what types of travelers would like the place best.

• The Philanthropist – not only a traveler who donates money, or loves her NGOs, but someone who cares about being a good human and would choose an eco property or a property that hires and trains local people and uses sustainable practices over another property

• The Zen Seeker – travels for wellness. Not just someone who wants a yoga class, but who wants a yoga vacation, complete with spa cuisine, meditation, treatments, wilderness

• The Cognoscenti – those who travel because they love art, museums and history. Someone who will choose a destination because her favorite character from literature walked those streets or because they want to stay at a property with a specific architectural style

• The Active – those who want to play sports. Golf, tennis, hiking, jet skiing

• The Romantic – ideal for couples, lover’s getaways, honeymoons

• The Bon Vivant – he travels for the food, the wine, the art of living well. The epicure, the arm chair mixologist, the foodie

• The Getaway Artist – just wants to sit on a beach and do nothing. He wants to unplug, unwind and be totally removed from his everyday reality

• The Pampered – a traveler who wants the best of everything, especially the spa

• The Adventurer – sports with a ball aren’t interesting enough. Think diving, mountain biking, safari. Anything adrenaline-inducing and requiring a high level of fitness

• The Fashionista – travels for the shopping

• The Blithe Spirit – travels for the party, the nightlife

• The Traditionalist – likes predictability and the comforts of home when he travels

• The Jet Set – into the image, attends Vanity Fair-sponsored parties, may have several home bases and do business from all over the world

• The Hybrid – she’s traveling for business and taking a couple of days to travel for pleasure while she’s there

The vibe tags give you a sense of the emotional experience and atmosphere of the place.

• Electric – happening, hip, a scene, of the moment, vibrant, people who have their finger on the pulse stay here

• Glam – old Hollywood, a more timeless feel than a place that is electric

• Ivy League – gentleman’s clubs, polo, pedigrees, traditional

• Top Hats + Tea – stiff upper lip, colonial, proper dress

• Safari – glamping in the bush

• Decadent – completely over the top

• Lush – that sexy island vibe

• Blissful – peaceful, zen, quiet, relaxing, plush

• Breezy – light, sandy, that airy, Nantucket cottage vibe

• Intimate – romantic, for you and a loved one

• Secluded – private villa, remote location

• Fun – all-inclusive, family-oriented, g-rated

The style tags give you a sense of the physical architecture, design and décor.

• Mediterranean – light, airy, palm trees on cliffs and crags. Blues and whites, terra cotta

• Moorish – Spain, Morocco. Multi-colored, patterned tiles and rich fabrics

• Opulent – baroque, ornate, looks like the dynastic home of Austro-Hungarian royalty

• Rustic – wood, log stairs, earth tones, antlers, heavy iron, large pieces of furniture

• Contemporary – neutral fabrics, clean lines

• Established – rich colors, tasteful embellishments, traditional style

• Eco – built with locally sourced, sustainable materials, LEED certified, off the grid

• Design – retro, mid-century modern, styled by a famous designer, high-concept

• Eclectic – a hybrid of styles, combining two or more distinct styles, each room a different concept

• Colonial – white siding, brick, black and wood accents, antiques

• Cape Cod – grey wood siding, weathered, casual interiors, Atlantic coast décor

• Haute Hammock –luxury properties in warm climes where the service and the furnishings are excellent, but you’re still relaxing barefoot on your private terrace

• Deco – Miami Beach, stainless steel, chrome, vivid, high contrast colors, geometric shapes, 1920s-30s

• Bohemian – shabby chic

• Country Manor – think English country house, lavish grounds

• Old World – stone, old architectural bones

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