Q. How are Signature Escapes and Room + Perks offers different?

A. Signature Escapes are hand-crafted, luxury vacation packages which include unique extras unavailable anywhere else at an unsurpassed value. Signature Escapes might include experiences, meals or services organized around a theme such as romance, adventure or wellness. Signature Escapes vacation packages are subject to hotel approval based on promotion availability. There is no charge unless your preferred travel dates are confirmed by the hotel, but once confirmed, the package is nonrefundable.

With Room + Perks, users enter their preferred travel dates to see real-time pricing and availability. Room + Perks offers include the Luxury Link VIP Perks, subject to specific property amenities. Typical perks include resort credit, late checkout, room upgrade and complementary breakfast and Wi-Fi. A reservation is made with the hotel the moment a purchase is complete, and we’ll send an immediate email confirmation. Room + Perks offers are refundable, subject to the cancellation policies of the hotel.

Q. When can I use my Luxury Link credit, gift certificate or promo code?
A. You may use your Luxury Link credit, gift certificate or promo code on any eligible room or package. Eligible rooms and packages are those for which Luxury Link charges your credit card directly. Rooms and packages for which Luxury Link only uses your credit card to hold your reservation and the hotel or tour charges your card are not eligible. This occurs when we partner with third party tour providers and occasionally for some of our Room + Perks rates, and is clearly stated in the booking conditions for that specific room or package.

Q. How can I sign up for or adjust my subscription to your email newsletters?
A. You can sign up for our newsletters by clicking on the "Sign Up" button on the bottom left of this page. If you are already a subscriber and you want to adjust your email settings, please login to your Luxury Link account and choose the “My Account” tab, you will see an Email Subscriptions tab where you can update your subscription preferences anytime.

Q. Does Luxury Link offer vacation experiences for more than two guests, and accommodate families?
A. Yes! There is an entire section of Luxury Link dedicated to family and group travel, and hotel pages displaying the blue family icon have packages specifically crafted to make your family vacation memorable. If you don’t see a family or group package at your desired property, we are sometimes able to work with our hotel partners to make modifications and add guests. Please call one of our Concierge experts at 1-877-372-5877 or email concierge@luxurylink.com.

Q. What flexibility in travel dates exists with the Auctions?
A. When Auctions are created, the travel validity date ranges are typically set very wide in order to accommodate the largest audience. If you have a narrow window in which to travel, it is highly recommended you contact the property and validate availability BEFORE making a bid. Neither Luxury Link nor the property can guarantee that specific travel dates will still be available when the auction closes, but you can get a good idea of availability by asking how many rooms are open in your preferred date range. Be sure to mention the category of room that is included in the Auction. Once you win the Auction, reservations are made through the Luxury Link Concierge team.

Q. How do I access “My Account”?
A. Your customized “My Account” page provides links to “Update Account Info” or “Update Preferences”. Simply click on the appropriate link. “Update Account Info” includes Personal Information, Shipping Information, or Billing Information/Credit Card Information. “Update Preferences” includes all your favorite destination, travel styles, or other preferences.

Q. How do I register?
A. From our home page, simply click on the REGISTER link on the upper right, and fill in your information in the spaces provided. Please be sure to make a note of your username and password for future reference. Be certain to safeguard your password from unauthorized use. You will be responsible for bids placed using your username and password.