Packing Tips for Your Luxury Caribbean Getaway

Caribbean travel season is upon us! It’s cold in North America, and nothing breaks the winter chill like a sun-drenched island vacation.  Our friends at are helping us out with some ideas on the perfect way to pack:

Caribbean Beach Getaway: What to Pack

The Caribbean is known for its hot and humid weather, gorgeous white sandy beaches and that crystal clear water.  Whether you’re planning on going to the Bahamas, Jamaica or the Dominican Republic, you better be prepared for all that awaits you.  As a frequent traveler, expert on swimsuits and a self-proclaimed fashionista, I try to get to the Caribbean as often as I can and I’ve got the 411 on what to pack for a stylish Caribbean beach getaway.

Caribbean Beach Vacation

Caribbean Beach Vacation

1. Plenty of Swimsuits

In the Caribbean, swimsuits are a way of life and it will most likely be your outfit of choice for the day.  Make sure to bring enough swimsuits for all the days that you’ll be there because who really wants to do laundry on vacation?  Make sure to pack swimsuits in your carry-on or purse, so you can start enjoying that gorgeous Caribbean beach the minute you arrive, even if your room’s not quite ready!  If your resort has a hot tub, make sure to pack some older swimsuits as well, so you don’t ruin those gorgeous new designer swimsuits!

2. Cover-Ups

In addition to your swimsuits, cover-ups are essential for a stylish Caribbean beach getaway.  When you’re not at the beach or pool, you’ll need cover-ups to walk around your resort in and to enter the dining areas.  Whether you prefer tunics, sundresses or a stylish beach caftan, make sure to bring cover-ups that complement your swimsuits and that are lightweight for surviving that hot and humid Caribbean climate.


3. Proper Footwear

You should pack at least one pair of flip-flops for the beach and pool.  Also, be sure to bring at least one pair of heels or wedges for those fancier resort restaurants that require reservations and dressier attire.  If you’re the adventurous type, make sure to bring water shoes and sneakers for snorkeling, hiking, ATV trips or other outdoorsy Caribbean excursions.

In the end, packing for your Caribbean getaway is just part of the fun.

Happy traveling!

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