The World’s Uber Luxurious and Most Expensive Hotels Unveiled

If you have always wished to live like a king or queen, feast your eyes on these pieces of heaven with a pretty price tag.


The Mandarin Oriental in Pudong, Shanghai, China is $27,000 a night, but you get more than a suite. You are offered a private kitchen, dining room, wine cellar, and two roof gardens. Sounds more like a modern castle than just a suite!


Mandarin Oriental – Presidential Suite

At the Shangri-La Bosporus in Istanbul, Turkey one night will cost you $14,000. Your suite comes with a view of the Bosporus Straight and not one, but three terraces. You are bound to enjoy it both inside and out.


Shangri-La Bosporus – Suite

The Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens, Greece is $8,000 a night. OPA! Having an impressive guest list of all the biggest celebrities, the Grand Resort is the crème de la crème of what money can buy: gorgeous views, luxury cars, and epicurean delights.


Grand Resort Lagonissi – Belvedere Suite

If you are interested in living in the lap of luxury, but at perhaps a four-figure price tag, check out Luxury Links top 3 hotels:

  1. A night at the Hotel President Wilson is for those with discerning tastes. At this contemporary, 5-star hotel in Geneva, you will be amazed by its lakeside luxury sporting epic views of glorious Mont-Blanc.
  2. On your next vacation, lift a glass of Dom Perignon and say nastrovia while taking in the amazing view of Moscow’s Red Square from the Ritz-Carlton. Indulge in the finest international cuisine at Café Russe and pamper yourself at the Carlton Spa. This is YOLO!
  3. Whether you’re planning a weekend of theatre and arts or an haute cuisine tour of the Big Apple, at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York you are only steps from everything. From your five-star suite, enjoy the best of both worlds with spectacular views of not only the city, but also the serenity of Central Park.

Others available from Luxury Link…

  1. The five-star luxury resort in St. Lucia, Jade Mountain offers couples a romantic get-away with suites featuring three walls (the 4th wall is open to the panoramic view of the Pitons and Caribbean Sea, but completely private). Each Sanctuary Suite features a private infinity pool while the Sky Suites include a Jacuzzi tub for two.
  2. If you want to get up close and personal with a Great White shark, then venture to the stylish chic and elegantly modern 26 Sunset Avenue Llandudno, and get your adrenaline pumping with a shark cage dive. Resting on the picturesque slopes along the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, this villa will pamper you with personal butler service while delighting you with the wide range of unique adventures and sweeping views during your stay.
  3. Dunton Hot Springs is a small and exclusive resort nestled deep in the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies – a perfectly restored ghost town featuring log cabins exquisitely furnished, delicious cuisine served in a saloon, lung torturing trails followed by relaxing massages and sensuous hot springs beneath shimmering snow banks. Come experience the romance of this old mining town while you unwind.

Isn’t it time to pamper yourself and your loved ones to a luxury getaway in Moscow, Switzerland, or another bucket list destination? Why not make memories like this in this New Year? They are priceless.

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